Beijing Card Manufacturing Company

Beijing card manufacturing company plant

Beijing Dongfang Yika Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive Beijing card manufacturing company integrating PVC card design (member card production and printing, Beijing card manufacturing and card manufacturer) production printing and system development.

Membership card printing

  • Phone card PVC card making

    Member card production, PVC card manufacturing

    Comply with the ISO7810-1985 prescribed dimensions of the International Organization for Standardization, length 85.47mm-85.75mm, width 53.92mm-54.03mm, thickness 0.72mm-0.84mm

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  • Beijing business card smart card production

    Member card printing, smart card manufacturing

    Non-contact IC card / contact IC card / RFID radio frequency card / CPU card

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  • Production of non-standard cards in Beijing Card Factory

    Card manufacturer, non-standard card manufacturing

    PVC cards of various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses other than the standard size (85.5 * 54MM)

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  • Beijing card manufacturing company metal card production

    Card company, PVC print

    The largest PVC profile bending manufacturer in China. PVC material is not limited in shape and thickness. The thickness is from 0.18mm to 100mm.

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  • Beijing printing and printing company printing equipment

    Printing Equipment

    Brand new German Heidelberg GTO52-4 printing press four-color printing machine, printing speed 8500 sheets / hour; new German Heidelberg SM52-4 speed printing

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  • Phone card making and synthesizing equipment

    Synthesis equipment

    Digital automatic temperature control seven cold and seven hot laminator: HROA international standard cylinder, single cylinder bore: 220mm; humanized operation, high and low pressure automatic oil return

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  • Phone card printing and cutting equipment

    Punching equipment

    Full-automatic high-speed punching machine with sub-card: hydraulic cylinder punch is used as punching force, and the professional high-sensitivity photoelectric identification device reads the positioning mark, and the positioning is accurate. suitable

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  • Membership card making other equipment

    other devices

    High-speed IC card, CPU card slot milling, and packaging production line, 8,000 sheets per hour; France Imaje inkjet labeling machine, 5000 sheets per hour; United States

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[Dongfang Yika-Beijing Service Area]: Beijing Heilongjiang Jilin Liaoning Tianjin Hebei Shanxi Shandong Inner Mongolia

7x24-hour national unified service hotline: 1370-116-4942
Beijing headquarters service phone: 010-51267820 / 51267821
QQ: 1139690688 657424570 550508217
Beijing Factory Address: No. 1 Guiyi Road, Guicun Industrial Zone, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing, China (physical factory, welcome inspection)

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